New Website Published

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Hey Guys, Are new site is back up and running once again…..

Tickle Trunk is a 3-piece punk-rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Tickle Trunk has shared the stage with such acts as Gob, The Mudmen, Social Code, High Five Drive, and many more. They released their second independent CD titled “Diet Punk” in 2007. The nine song CD was mixed by Josh Rob Gwilliam (Ghosts of modern man, Grade) at MCC Studios in Calgary, and was mastered at Joao Carvalho Mastering Studios in Toronto (Alexisonfire, The weakerthans). With the new CD, Tickle Trunk is looking to tour and play extensively to build their fan base. Tickle Trunks website;, has received hits from not only Canada and the U.S., but all over the world including Spain, Norway, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand and Australia to name a few. Tickle Trunk’s influences include Gob, MXPX, Face to Face, Social Distortion, Lagwagon, and NOFX to name a few. Always trying to keep their music new and fresh is what they strive for, and is what separates them from a lot of other bands. Touring has always been a passion for Tickle Trunk, they always make it an event. When playing shows around their home base they always make sure to bring along there friends and fans. Tickle Trunk knows that if it wasn’t for them there would be no band, so they remain very down to earth. Ryan Quiring, Tyler Trice and Brad Heck came together to form a band that would satisfy there need to play in a band where there was a common goal of writing and playing the best songs that they can. Step by step, they want to make there music known to the world.